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Customer Reviews & Stories

I've been going to this shop for about 3 years and they're always honest, reasonably priced and willing to take time to explain any issues. I cannot recommend this shop enough!

— Google User

Highly recommended. Gabriel runs an excellent shop.

— Google User

These guys are my mechanics. Always exceptional service. High-Quality parts, and advice I can trust. I can't recommend highly enough.

— Facebook User

The folks at Canada Radiators offer outstanding customer service, a bright, comfortable waiting lounge, and an honest approach to giving vehicle advice. Everyone wants to know a great mechanic(s), and Canada Radiators offers just that! I will continue to highly recommend.

— Yelp User

Excellent itemized bill breakdown as well as an verbal explanation of the parts and labor which was very succinct. I know the bare essentials about mechanics but not much more and I did not at feel intimidated or belittled for not knowing everything. I asked some questions and they answered them in a way that was clear in layman's terms without coming across as "pandering" which I appreciate. Everything was done in a timely manner as well as a few things pointed out that could become potential issues in the future. And sure enough, that little exhaust leak they told me about 6 months ago has become rather apparent now.. Second time I've brought my car to this shop ( for said exhaust leak primarily) and their honest and clear assessments will keep me coming back whenever something comes up I can't fix, or don't have the time/resources to learn to fix . I Highly recommend this business.

— Google User

I highly recommend Gabe and his team at Canada Radiators and Repair Centre. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and have reasonable prices. We have been taking our truck their for regular servicing and repairs for some time now and there is no other mechanic we trust more with our vehicle.

— Google User

I moved here a few years ago and have had a difficult time finding a good mechanic. I've tried 3 or 4 places including a dealership and have had horrible experiences there. I was relieved to find Canada Radiators. They were very honest, fixed what needed to be fixed at a reasonable rate, all while being extremely pleasant. It's been a few months since I've had my car fixed and it's running great. I will definitely bring my business back here!

— Google User

Like so many others, I have searched high and low for a reliable and honest auto mechanic. I was more than pleased with my experience at Canada Radiators and would reccommend them to anyone. Great service, friendly staff and good pricing.

Thanks again to all at Canada Rad!

— David Mariacci

If you are looking for fast, reliable and an overall pleasant experience, Canada Radiators is the place to go for all of your mechanical needs. I was extremely happy with the superior customer service that I received from the employees. My car needed a few different repairs unrelated to each other and not only were the repairs done in a timely manner, the whole vehicle was inspected and I was given a report to take away with me. On top of that, the manager actually took the time to explain everything to me and I felt extremely comfortable and knew that he was being honest and upfront. At previous auto repair shops, I have felt ripped off, lied to and ended up paying for unnecessary repairs. I am a single mother on a budget and I would highly recommend this shop to anyone looking for good quality service and repairs with reasonable pricing. They even washed my car!!!! Thank you, I will be back again!!!

— Ash Sutherland

I had a great experience with this shop. I took my old 1993 Toyota pickup in because of overheating issues. They found and corrected the issue, and Gabriel was excellent at communicating every step of the way. They were even gracious enough to adjust my AC belt after we had settled.

Great honest shop.

— Yelp User

I am old and I know my cars. These guys are good.

— Facebook User

Took my beater truck in here the other day. They fixed the cooling system problem it had, and made some sensible suggestions for a couple of other preventative maintenance things I should consider, none of which were expensive (and clearly not a "make work project" for them). Very pleased with their communication with me and the work they did, and their bill was very reasonable. A great find, and I'll be taking my truck in to them for future work based on my first experience with them.

— Yelp User

I cannot say enough about the great service and honesty that Gabriel, Ingrid, and the team at Canada Radiators provides! This is how I discovered Canada Radiators and Gabriel (and his mom, Ingrid). At my previous job, I managed a fleet of approx. 20 vehicles. One of them had an A/C system that was not working. The dealership told us the only fix was a $2,500 to $3,000 job. So I searched online for an air conditioning specialist shop and found Canada Radiators. Gabriel suggested another solution for under $1,000, although he stressed it would not last forever. The company I worked for of course preferred Gabriel's solution, so we did that and it worked for approx. 2 years.

Later on, with a different vehicle, different dealership, we were told that several things needed to be done and the bill was going to be huge. I decided to take the vehicle to Canada Radiators for a second opinion. I specifically did not tell Gabriel what the other shop had found. I just told him to do a full inspection.

Gabriel independently reported that 1 area needed work (this was 1 of the 3 things the dealer also said needed to be done). Then I asked Gabriel look again at the other 2 areas, but again did not tell him the dealership had told us they needed work done. I just told him the driver of the vehicle thought those areas might need attention but I did not have details. Gabriel reported back that those areas were fine.

So, we decided to trust Gabriel and ignore the dealer's recommendations. Those areas never needed work done in the remaining 4 years I worked there (and the dealership never flagged them again when we did our regular oil changes etc.).

Based on this, I started taking my personal vehicle to Gabriel and his team at Canada Radiators. Unlike any other mechanic I've been to, Gabriel suggests that you come take a look at what is wrong with your car (other mechanics I always had to ask), so you know that he's not scamming you etc.

Sometimes I take my car to Gabriel and he diagnoses the problem (I pay him for that, of course), but then I do the work myself, and he doesn't mind at all. In fact he offers helpful advice.

— Google User

Best place ever. They took the time to actually listen to what problems I had and truly investigated the issue. Hardworking and trustworthy.

— Google User

Canada Rad, a small Family owned Honest, and Friendly shop has been doing custom radiator and fuel tank work for us for many years... We Love them, they are awesome...

— Google User

The staff and service at Canada Rad is excellent. I highly recommend this business for anyone.

— Reece Worth

As a woman I was thrilled with the great service and repairs I received at CANADA RADIATORS!


— Google User

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